Monday, March 25, 2013



What I love most about kids, is watching them feel empowered. Seeing my children do something on their own the first time and then loudly proclaiming, “I CAN DO IT MYSELF!” is one of the most awesome experiences of being a parent (or aunt, uncle, grandparent, teacher, guardian, etc.). I know that these children will grow up to be independent and able to solve any problems put in front of them. All it takes is encouragement to keep trying and a reminder that they CAN do it by themselves.

Another reason why it’s so exciting to see them feeling empowered, is because I know the feeling! When I feel like I have accomplished an event that took effort, whether it is physical or mental, I feel the rush of self-pride. I want to share with everyone, “LOOK! I DID IT MYSELF!” just like a kid. Adonis has even been there for several of these moments, including one last night where I made my own toothpaste for us to use.

 If you’re having trouble feeling self-empowered, you could try a few things (or you can try them with your children as well):

  • Clear and charge a citrine or amethyst gemstone with the intention of assisting you in having more self-empowerment. 
  • Clear your energy with sage, focusing on removing all doubts within yourself. 
  • Do a ritual with a red or yellow candle for courage. A purple candle could be used for success. An indigo candle could be used to remove fear. During the ritual, focus your energy on the task, let the Gods know your intentions, and visualize yourself starting a task and following it through to completion. Envision breaking through a brick wall or climbing a tall mountain. The most important part of the visualization is to see yourself celebrating your victory. If you feel moved, you could even get up and do a “happy dance” around the circle. Throw some confetti for yourself. Then get out and accomplish what you want to do, no matter how hard it is.

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