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Raising a family now is tricky. Not that it wasn’t tricky in the past, but every generation has their issues. More and more wars are being fought over religion, the White House has turned into a battleground on moral issues (largely on what the Bible would approve of), and there is a backlash against science “discovering” things that religion doesn’t agree with.

As a parent, you want your kids to grow up with an open-mind and an open heart. It can be tough when there are many other families out there with a hateful view of another group of people; be it race, sex, sexual orientation, or religion.

When my husband, Adonis (tee hee), and I got together, we decided to raise our children with an open-mind, free of hate. We also wanted them to be able to choose their own religion. My husband and I are Wiccan. We celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats but, up until about a week ago our kids didn’t know. It’s not that we were ashamed of it, but since they are so young we didn’t want others to misunderstand them or hate them for something for something they couldn't really explain to others.

Our sons are both from previous marriages. Hermes is 4 years old. He’s just a big ball of energy. Apollo is 8 now. He’s a cuddler and really, really tries hard to please everyone. In addition to our children, we temporarily have our sister-in-law, Athena and her two children Hestia (11 years old) and Comos (10 years old). Our house is large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably... everyone plus two doggies, a fish, and a frog.

With this addition of so many people, the quietness of our worship is harder to maintain. To our happy surprise though, Hestia inquired about our practices. After a few reminders and permission from Athena, Adonis and I created a ritual to celebrate the fall. Everyone in the house participated and it changed our view from one of secrecy to one of openness. We always teach the children: if you don’t know, learn. How could they learn about different religions if we kept ours a secret?

This is how we began our openly Pagan family life.

I hope that you enjoy our journey with us and check back often.

Blessed be. 

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