Friday, December 21, 2012

Zero Hour - 3 a.m.

I have Elton John’s Rocket Man stuck in my head right now – and yes, I do know that the correct lyrics describe zero hour as 9 a.m. Here on the west coast, the winter solstice occurred at 3:12 a.m.

I don’t really like to get into the whole Mayan “end of the world” hype with people, but the other day I had a light bulb moment.

As I’m writing this, the end of the world should have already happened. I knew it wouldn’t, but my light bulb moment didn’t involve zombies and earthquakes anyway. It involved a connection with Yule and a new period for the Earth.

The Mayan “end of calendar” and Yule both coincided on 12/21/12. In some Pagan traditions, Yule is the day when the Sun King is reborn or when the Oak King defeats the Holly King. Both the Sun King and the Oak King are bringers of light. They signify the light defeating the darkness, when the days become longer and the nights become shorter.

What if… just what if… that’s what the Mayan end of the calendar meant? What if it meant that the people of Earth are about to enter a time of enlightenment or lighter times?

Even if it’s not what it means and it really is just the way the Mayan calendar was made, it’s a nice thought isn’t it? It would be nice to see a more “enlightened” masses where the majority of people focus on helping each other and the Earth.

That is my hope for this year’s reign of the Sun God.


  1. That's been my thought for a few years now...I've recently been seeing a lot of people expressing the same sentiments. Perhaps, this is the beginning of the enlightenment, when we all realize we think it means enlightenment, we will become more enlightened. Even if it doesn't literally mean that, it'd be an awesome placebo effect!!

    1. Exactly! I was discussing this with someone the other day and they made a good point - no period of enlightenment comes without opposition. If we are in for some change, there will be a fight put up from those who want to maintain the status quo. I just hope that the opposition is not long, for everyone's sake.