Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Daily Meditation

Daily meditation is not only relaxing, but it also helps with energy work and visualization. For some people it may seem boring (especially for some younger kids), but it is the most basic and most important exercise that anyone should practice when trying to open yourself up to the spiritual realm.

When I first was drawn to Wicca and everything metaphysical, I had no guide. I bought books and dabbled in a few things. One of the books I bought was called Channeling. I thought it was so cool to think that I could be like one of the mediums on TV. As I sat in a chair, facing a sunny window, alone in our living room I asked that someone make contact with me and use me as a vessel. I felt pressure in my head, shoulders, and arms like someone was diving into my body. At that moment our cat hissed at me and ran away. It creeped  me the heck out and since my concentration was broken, whoever was starting to come in went away again.

I told my mom, who then told our family friend, Corinne. Corinne was into crystals and natural healing through herbs and meditation. Once she heard what had happened, boy did she let me have it. I got a lot of "what were you thinking?" and "that could have ended so badly." After the lecture, she gave me gifts. My younger sister was involved as well so that she wouldn't make the same mistake. The first gift she gave to me was a pendulum that she had made of aventurine and malachite. The second gift was a set of candle holders, one holder for each color of the rainbow. The third gift was a lesson on meditation.

She told me that before any spiritual work, I need to learn how to shield myself. She explained chakras and how they work. This was her method:

Chakra candles
  • Imagine a glowing bubble of light. That glowing bubble surrounds all of your body. Visualize it, make it thick and strong. Eventually you can work to expand or contract it, but for now just see it.
    When you can see your bubble, put out the intention that only beings of light and love, for the best and highest purpose are allowed to enter.
  • Imagine a bright beam of light coming from the sky, entering through the top of your head, through your body, and going deep down into the Earth. Then imagine a bright beam of light coming up from the Earth, into your tailbone, through your body, up into the sky. Take a moment and feel centered and grounded. If you feel like you're dizzy or lost, try to strengthen your grounding connection with the Earth.
  • To clear any negative energy imagine a sieve lifting up through your bubble and body. Fling all of the negative energy out into the universe, but as it leaves your bubble visualize the black turning into pink or gold. Ask that it be turned into light and love to be used for the best and highest purpose.
  • When you are ready, break out the candleholder. Each color represents a chakra. Light each candle and visualize that glowing light spreading through your body. If you have trouble seeing the color spreading all the way through your fingers, toes, and top of your head then vizualize abright light shining through that chakra. I picture a pressure washer of light blasting away all of the black gunky negative tar.
    • Red: The root chakra. Associated with feeling grounded and physical things. Picture red things such as rubies, roses, strawberries. The feeling of a hot fire or spicy hot sauce. 
    • Orange: The sacral chakra. Associated with feelings and sexuality. Picture fresh oranges, a warm glowing fire, amber stones.
    • Yellow: The naval chakra. Associated with self-esteem. Picture dandelions, lemons, the sun.  
    • Green: The heart chakra. Associated with love and kindness. Picture aventurine, cool grass, trees. 
    • Blue: The throat chakra. Associated with communication. Picture lapis lazuli, the sound of the ocean, hyacinth, blue berries.
    • Indigo: The third eye chakra. Associated with visualization and intuition. Picture amethyst and eggplants. 
    • Violet: The crown chakra. Associated with wisdom and a connection with the divine. This is normally represented by a lotus flower opening.
  • The more you meditate, the easier and quicker it will be to open your chakras and put your shield up. This should be the basic protections put up before any spiritual work. When you are done meditating, thank any guides that helped you and make sure to close your chakras.

For the past few days, Bacchus and Hestia have been working on meditation. Since they are so interested in Wicca and ritual, I wanted them to have the most basic protection. I wanted them to learn it early on so that they don't make any mistakes like I did.

I gave them my candle holder and the same lesson that was given to me. I also gave them their first pieces to their altar collection, a seashell to represent the Goddess. They have homework to meditate daily. It's not forced, but I reminded them that if they are to do this, it is a daily effort. Wicca is not something they choose to just fool around with every once in a while. They are free to choose whatever religion they'd like, so long as it doesn't harm anyone else or themselves. If they choose Wicca, then it is a commitment to learning and understanding.

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